We Offer:
Booth Seat Recovering - We recover booth reupholstery for all sizes and shapes of booth seats including curved seats and banquettes (bankheads). We can cover every soft surface of your booth seat including the seat, back, back fascia, top cap, end cap, crumb catcher, kick board, bottom band and floor bands.

Booth Seat Frame Repairs - We are happy to make repairs on the internal workings of your booth seats. We can repair failing springs, sliding seats , tilting seats, wobbly backs, trim panels that fall off or are even missing. We are happy fabricate missing parts and upholster them to match your decor. We are also able to handle all of your seats' foam and padding issues by replacing or adding new foam and padding to increase the comfort of your hard earned guests.

Chair/ Bar Stool Recovering - From your standard restaurant chairs to your complex bar stool, we have it covered. Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate.

Chair Frame Repair- Many chairs get unstable as they age. In most cases these just need all of the screws and bolts tightened. Let us get them back into good condition.

Chair and Table Glides and Levelers- We carry a wide range of chair glides, whether nail on, insert or screw on...We Install them all!                       Worn chair glides can cause expensive rips and gouges in your flooring, weaken the frame of your chairs and make customer complaints because chairs will not slide and may not sit squarely on the floor.

Corner Guards- We install a plastic cap that can be color matched on the bottom corner of your booth seat. This keeps your expensive upholstery from being damaged by shoes and boots as your guests climb in and out of your seating. For less than $5.00 per booth you can increase your booth lifespan considerably.