What is the difference in grades of  vinyls?

Just like everything in this world there are many grades of vinyl products out there for sale. Most vinyls are separated into three catagories:

Outdoor Vinyl ( Boat Grade) - UV and Water Resistant- This vinyl is very good for the light use high sun exposure expected of a material that is used on boats, ATV and golf carts. It is generally fairly inexpensive, widely available, very thin and not meant for the rigors of high pressure use. This grade of  vinyl will only last months in a hospitality environment.

Designer Vinyl ( Decorator Grade) - Delicate and Attractive- Widely used by interior designers ,often highly expensive, available through design houses, these products are used in homes and businesses as decoration. These vinyls will tend to have patterns or insets, be thin and difficult to clean and sanitize. This grade is often used in homes or on decorative furniture.

Commercial Grade Vinyl ( Hospitality Grade) - Hard Wearing- This grade of vinyl was produced for restaurants, hotels, automotive, medical facilities and gyms. Moderately expensive, available only through fabric wholesalers, easy to clean and sanitize, long wearing, thick and robust. Commercial Grade vinyl may cost more but the  commercial fabric will last years even with improper care. This is the only type of vinyl that we recommend use. This grade of vinyl is what most high grade hospitality furniture is equipped with at the factory.

My location is outside your listed service area, what can I do?

Several things! We offer a shipping service where you can order your exact match covers and have them shipped to you. Once received you can have your covers installed by the upholsterer of your choice.  For larger orders we can come and install them on a case by case basis. Give us a call at 864-706-8505 and we are happy to find an option that works best for you!

How do I know my booth covers will fit and will match?

Our experienced sales team are all past and present upholsterers. Our staff started out as Installers and now know what to look for. They will come to your location, speak with you about the project and give you a free estimate. They will then make patterns of your booth seats, take measurements and either make a map of your store or put a tiny white dot on the seats that are selected for recovering. They will then use one of our many fabric sample books to choose an exact match. If you fabric has been discontinued by the manufacturer we will choose the closest possible match or discuss other options with you at that time.

How long to have my upholstery work completed?

Our standard lead time is 10 business days. Once your upholstery quote has been approved, fabric may need to be ordered,shipped and sewn. When your order is complete, we schedule your order for installation. Let us know if you would like advance notice of your installation date and we will let you know the day before.

How does your company handle billing?

We are a Cash on Delivery company. We accept Cash, Checks and all major credit cards (with a 3% surcharge). If your company has an account with us we are happy to bill you. We are also pleased to work out payment arrangements. Payment arrangements must be agreed to at the time the estimate is accepted. Deposits of 40% may be required on large jobs.

What do I need to provide when the Installers come to upholster?

This is simple! We need your employee to let us in, clear access to the booth seats on your estimate and a power outlet. We would also appreciate a broom, dustpan and a garbage can. We will recover your upholstery and clean up our work area. We do require for the manager on duty to sign the invoice and if agreed pay the invoice. We do ask that your employee's are at the location to let us in at the agreed time. We often have several appointments scheduled before and after your appointment. These locations are depending on us and your failure to arrive may result in no show fee attached to your invoice.

Where will you install my covers?

We recover at your location. This really depends on the location, time per day and space available. In most cases restaurant booths are recovered where they stand or in the foyer of your store. We look for tile areas or hard surface flooring with power access. In some cases we may take the booth seat into the parking lot or into a meeting room if your restaurant is currently open.

How much time does the Installation take?

Our installers are all capable of fully recovering a booth seat bottom in less than 5 minutes. All other parts of the seat can be recovered in less than 10 minutes. With some small exceptions (curved booth backs) our standard visit is usually 45 minutes at each location. 

What time of day should I expect my booths to be recovered?

This depends on your open hours. Our Installation teams leave most mornings by 5:30. Early opening locations will generally be first on the schedule. We usually finish most of our customers for the day by 11am. In special cases we may do some appointments between 2pm and 4pm. Due to the hours our upholstery installers already work we do not offer evening or weekend appointments. 

Why is it so important to remove the old damaged cover before installing the new cover?

The old cover is being replaced because it is cracking, has a hole or is loose and poorly fitted. Vinyl has a useful life and as it ages looses flexibility. Those old cuts become sharp, cutting the new cover from underneath as people apply weight and or slide across them. Leaving the old cover underneath when reupholstering can shorten the life a new cover from years to months. 

What can I do to extend the life of my expensive booth seats?

Cleaning is very important. Clean your booth seats with plain soap and water. Any cleaning product that is peroxide based will also clean them exceptionally well. We have customers who swear by magic erasers (melamine sponges) to rid their seats of smudges and dirt scuffs.  Please avoid cleaning products with bleach and alcohol as these products dry out your vinyl and cause premature cracking and "gatoring".

Rotating your booth seats is another sure way to dramatically increase the life of your new and old seats. Most stores have seats that are popular and highly used. They have other booths that are not used nearly as much. It is also know that the first third of the booth seat does the lion's share of the work. By rotating seats left to right and into different parts of your store you can increase lifespan.